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HMM BTU Artistically Dun

"Tonto" is the 4th foal for this cross, and it is quickly becoming one of our favorites! He has full siblings in Alaska and California, and like them, he is very leggy and refined with the trademark "BTU look" that we are so fond of here at High Meadow Miniatures. Tonto is a buckskin dun (dunskin), and he also may be carrying some form of pinto! He has a large, irregular blaze and one blue eye. We aren't sure if the eye will stay blue, but so far it is and we hope it does! Our guess is that he is splash overo, but has not been tested to confirm. Tonto has been color tested for Dun and Agouti at UC Davis. He is heterozygous for Dun (D/nd2) and homozygous for Agouti (A/A). Tonto has a great personality, and is very curious about everything. He is a grandson of BTU (AMHA World Grand Champion & World Champion Get Of Sire), and his bloodlines also include two of the most influential sires in the industry: Boones Little Buckeroo (3x AMHA World Grand Champion) and East Acres Golden Jubilee. Tinto's birth height was 21", the height estimation chart puts him at maturing approx 32.5". This is a really nice, flashy colt with both the coveted Dun and Cream genes!

Tonto is pictured below at just a few days old, at 3 weeks old and again at 3.5 months.

(please click on thumbnails to enlarge photos).

Sire & Dam

Boones Buckeroo Too Grand Slam X HMM Buck O Blessing

Tonto's Pedigree