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HMM BuckO Guaranteed Gold

"Teton" is a beautiful double dilute colt with a creamy color and the prettiest ice blue eyes! We are guessing that he is a perlino dun, he does appear to have a dorsal stripe so there is a good chance he is carrying the dun gene but has not been tested. Teton is homozygous for the cream gene, so he will always produce cream dilutes such as palominos, buckskins, etc...No chestnuts or bays from this guy! Teton is the third foal in a row for this cross, and like his two older siblings, he has one of the sweetest dispositions you'll find. He has one brother doing Therapy Horse work, and Teton has the same easy going, gentle personality. He already loves people, and looks like he stepped out of a children's fairy tail book. His birth height was 20", the height estimation chart puts him at maturing approx 31" like his sire and dam. Teton's bloodlines are some of the best in the industry; he is a grandson of Boones Little Buckeroo on the top side (3x AMHA World Grand Champion) and on the bottom side, he is a g-grandson of BTU (AMHA World Grand Champion & World Champion Get of Sire).

Teton is pictured below as a newborn, at one week old., on June 4th at just over a month old, and on July 30th at 3 months old.

Sire & Dam

Little Kings Buck O X HMM BTU Hollywood Grand

Teton's Pedigree