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HMM BTU Dare To Compare

"Tazer" is our last Grand Slam foal for 2016, and we couldn't have asked for anything better!

He is a stunning golden buckskin colt with two socks, a star and a snip. Tazer has a gorgeous head, long neck, lots of leg and is so refined. He is a grandson of BTU on the top side, and a grandson of our own Little Kings Buck O on the bottom side! Tazer carries the bloodlines of Boones Little Buckeroo, Gold Melody Boy, East Acres Golden Jubilee and Boones Little Buckeroos Pretty Woman.

He should mature approx. 32.5" tall, he is a very curious little colt with a great personality. Tazer is a full sibling to HMM Dun In Diamonds; our 2015 dunskin filly who now resides in Alaska! Tazer could be homozygous for the black and/or agouti gene. He is the perfect combination of quality conformation, excellent bloodlines, and you couldn't ask for a better shade of buckskin!

Tazer will be weaned September 15th, 2016.

*Under Contract*

Tazer is pictured at three days old and one week old

Sire & Dam

Boones Buckeroo Too Grand Slam X HMM Buck O Blessing