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HMM Buckeroos Lady Sensation

This pretty little girl holds a special place, she was the very first foal born at High Meadow Miniatures, to be added to our broodmare band. We are beyond pleased with how she has matured.

Sensation is a Buckeroo grandaughter and g-grandaughter, and her championship breeding shows. Her sire, Boones Little Buckeroos Golden Toy, is a gorgeous 28.5" palomino son of Boones Little Buckeroo, the Three time AMHA World Grand Champion and Four time AMHA World Grand Champion Get Of Sire. Toy has produced several successful show foals, including Silver Plates White Lightning, a National champion producer.

Sensation's dam, JoCos Dreamers Lady Buckeroo, is an elegant perlino pinto grandaughter of Boones Little Buckeroo, and also traces back to FWF Little Blue Boy.

Sensation is a silver buckskin, and is hetrozygous black (E/e). She is every bit of show quality, with long legs, a gorgeous head and long archy neck. She represents everything we are striving to produce.

Pictured below as a foal, a yearling, and at six years old as a broodmare.

Sensation's Foals

HMM BTU Hollywood Grand

2013 AMHA/AMHR Dunskin Filly

Owned by High Meadow Miniatures

HMM BTU GrandSlam Serenity

2015 AMHA/AMHR Silver Dunskin Filly

Owned by Hickory Springs Miniatures, New York

HMM BTU Stardun And Fame

2016 AMHA/AMHR Silver Bay Dun Filly

Owned by the Brant Family - Colorado

HMM BTU Stun Dun

2018 AMHA/AMHR Dunskin Colt

Owned by the Melbye family - Colorado

Sire & Dam

Boones Little Buckeroos Golden Toy X JoCos Dreamers Lady Buckeroo