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HMM Buck O White Gold

Saber is the second foal out of one of our Grand Slam daughters, we are loving the combination of our Little Kings Buck O crossed with our daughters of Boones Little Buckeroo Too Grand Slam. This colt is three generations of High Meadow Miniatures breeding!

Saber is a direct grandson of Boones Little Buckeroo (3x AMHA World Grand Champion). He is also a great-grandson of BTU (AMHA World Champion Get of Sire and AMHA World Grand Champion). Saber also carries the bloodlines of Gold Melody Boy, East Acres Golden Jubilee and Boones Little Buckeroos Pretty Woman.

We believe that Saber is a perlino dun, as he has a dorsal stripe that continues down through his tail. Since he is a double dilute, he will always sire cream foals (buckskins, palominos, etc). Saber has certainly inherited the "BTU look" from his dam, with his gorgeous head and great hip. Saber should mature approx. 31.5", he is very sweet and friendly.

Saber is currently under contract

Sire & Dam

Little Kings Buck O X HMM BTU Hollywood Grand

Saber's Pedigree