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HMM BTU Adrenaline Rush

Wow! This one is a looker! Third foal in a row for this cross, his two older siblings now reside in Alaska and California (HMM BTU Dun In Diamonds & HMM BTU Dare To Compare).

"Latigo" is ultra refined, with lots of leg and what a neck! Definite show prospect here. Latigo is a darker buckskin right now, but I expect he will turn more golden once he loses his foal coat as most of my other dark buckskin foals have done. He does carry one cream gene, and could be homozygous for black and/or agouti as well.

Latigo's pedigree is packed with World and National champions on both sides. He is a direct grandson of BTU (AMHA World Grand Champion & AMHA World Grand Champion Get of Sire), and a g-grandson of the most influential miniature stallion in history; Boones Little Buckeroo (3x AMHA World Grand Champion). Latino's pedigree also includes Little Kings Buck Echo (smallest AMHA World Grand Champion), Gold Melody Boy, and East Acres Golden Jubilee!

This colt has so much presence, and loves attention. He should mature 32-32.5" and will be weaned August 26th. Pictured below at just one week old and at 2 weeks old.

Sire & Dam

Boones Buckeroo Too Grand Slam X HMM Buck O Blessing

Latigo's Pedigree