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Last Updated 6/18/2020

*Seller may remove or add horses from this sales list at any time, and prices are subject to change at the sellers discretion.

*Seller reserves right to refuse any sale.

*Prices are negotiable in some cases, and good homes are our first priority.

*Current photos of bite, front/back/both sides available on request.

*All assumption of the colors listed on our horses are made with the best of our knowledge, but please note that many horses have not been color tested and we do not guarantee any colors. Please contact us if you'd like to have a horse color tested before purchase.

*25% deposit is required to hold horses.

*Short term, zero interest payment plans are occasionally available - please inquire.

*Package deals are available for the purchase of two or more horses.

*All horses are sold as is, no guarantees unless otherwise noted.

*Pre-purchase exams at the buyer's expense are welcomed.

*Transport and all transporting liability is the responsibility of the Buyer.

*We are occasionally able to offer delivery for shorter distances - please inquire.

*We are happy to recommend several reputable shipping companies.

*Additional photos, information & complete pedigrees are available on each horse's page.

*If you send us an email and don't receive a reply within 24 hours, please call 970-487-3435.


~Click on each horse's photo to view their personal page for complete pedigrees, more information, and photo galleries~

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