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Rolin Acres Lucy Buck

Essence joined our herd in 2009, she was bred by Rolin Acres Miniatures in IA. A big thank you to Flint Co Miniatures for allowing us to purchase this gorgeous mare!

Essence is a grandaughter of Little Kings Buck Echo, the smallest AMHA World Grand Champion Sr. Stallion. Buck Echo is sired by Boones Little Buckeroo, and is a maternal brother to Komokos Little King Supreme. Essence's sire, Little Kings Echo Monetego is a golden buckskin pinto who had sired a number of very refined buckskin foals that are just beginning their show debuts. Essence's dam traces back to East Acres Golden Jubilee, the gorgeous double bred Gold Melody Boy grandson. Essence is triple bred Gold Melody Boy.

She is a dappled golden buckskin, and is lab tested homozygous for the agouti gene! 

Essence's Foals

HMM Buck Echo Elegance

2009 AMHA/AMHR Bay Filly

Owned by Small By Design Miniatures - Oklahoma

HMM Buck O Blessing

2011 AMHA/AMHR Perlino Filly

Owned by High Meadow Miniatures

HMM Buck O Brilliance

2012 AMHA/AMHR Silver Buckskin Filly

Owned by River Side Miniatures - Idaho

HMM Buck O Bliss

2014 AMHA/AMHR Buckskin Filly

Owned by Pure Fun Farms - Utah

HMM Buck O Beautiful Dreamer

2015 AMHA/AMHR Perlino Filly

Owned by Thunder Valley Stables - Ohio

HMM Buck O Breeze

2016 AMHA/AMHR Perlino Filly

Owned by Pam Utso - Ohio

HMM Buck O Belle

2017 AMHA/AMHR Palomino Filly

Owned by the Hiebert family - Colorado

HMM Buck O Bramble

2018 AMHA/AMHR Buckskin Filly

Owned by High Meadow Miniatures