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HMM BTU Bragging Rights

Wow! Take a look at this colt! "Cimmaron" is a hard-to-find golden buckskin with a solid pedigree to back him up. He is a direct grandson of BTU (World Grand Champion and World Grand Champion Get of Sire) on the top side and on the bottom side, he goes back to the most influential sire in the industry; Boones Little Buckeroo (3x World Grand Champion). His bloodlines also include Gold Melody Boy and East Acres Golden Jubilee. According to the height estimation chart, he should mature approx. 30.5". This colt is NICE! Don't miss out on this one if you're looking to add to your breeding program. His eyes are blue currently, we aren't sure yet if they will stay blue or turn brown. Cimmaron has personality plus, and definitely has no idea that he is as tiny as he is.

Pictured at 1 day old, 4 days old, and 3 weeks old. 

Sire & Dam

Boones Buckeroo Too Grand Slam X HMM Buck O Blessing