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HMM Buck O Breeze

We have ended our 2016 foaling season with this lovely double dilute filly! "Breeze" is the fifth filly in a row for this cross, as you can tell, we love what it produces! Breeze is a full sibling to our 2011 perlino filly - HMM Buck O Blessing, our 2013 buckskin filly - HMM Buck O Brilliance, our 2014 buckskin filly - HMM Buck O Bliss, and our 2015 perlino filly - HMM Buck O Beautiful Dreamer.

Breeze is a direct granddaughter of Boones Little Buckeroo on the top side. On the bottom side, she is a g-grandaughter of Little Kings Buck Echo! (Smallest AMHA World Grand Champion Sr Stallion). Her bloodlines include Gold Melody Boy and East Acres Golden Jubilee as well.

Breeze is a double dilute, meaning she will always produce cream dilute foals (buckskins, palominos, etc). She appears to be a perlino, but could be cremello. Breeze also carries at least one agouti gene (her dam is homozygous agouti). This filly is so refined and feminine, just like her sisters which is why we continue to repeat this cross. It consistently produces leggy, refined fillies with beautiful heads, great necks and excellent temperaments. Breeze is no exception, this filly is very sweet and learns fast. She should mature approx. 31.5-32" tall, and is for sale.


A 25% deposit will hold her until she is weaned in October

Sire & Dam

Little Kings Buck O X Rolin Acres Lucy Buck

Breeze's Full Siblings

Top Row: HMM Buck O Blessing & HMM Buck O Brilliance

Bottom Row: HMM Buck O Beauty & HMM Buck O Bliss

Breeze's Pedigree