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Little Kings Buck O

Bonus is the only double dilute Buckeroo son in Colorado! A huge thank you to Little King Farm for allowing us to purchase him, and making our dream come true! We are absolutely thrilled with Bonus.

His pedigree speaks for itself, he is a son of Boones Little Buckeroo, the 3x World Grand Champion and possibly the most influential sire in the miniature horse world. Bonus' dam, Little Kings Jitterbuck Jubilee, is a direct daughter of East Acres Golden Jubilee.

Bonus is a gorgeous stallion, with his beautiful face, ice blue eyes and fancy movement. He is consistently siring balanced, Arab type foals with gorgeous heads and lots of leg. His first colt born, was exported to Canada. Bonus is a 100% color producer, and is one of the sweetest stallions you will ever know. He is pictured here straight out of the pasture, no sweating or conditioning. 

Bonus' Foals

Bonus' sire - Boones Little Buckeroo