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HMM Buck O Beautiful Dreamer

Beauty is our final foal of 2015, and the fourth filly in a row for this cross! Our herd sire, Little Kings Buck O, and our Buck Echo granddaughter, Rolin Acres Lucy Buck, consistently produce refined, leggy fillies who are nearly all carbon copies of each other! We retained Beauty's 2011 sister, HMM Buck O Blessing, for our broodmare band. Her 2012 and 2014 sisters, HMM Buck O Brilliance and HMM Buck O Bliss, are on the show circuit.

Beauty is a Boones Little Buckeroo granddaughter on the top side, and a Little Kings Buck Echo g-granddaughter on the bottom side. She is heavily bred Gold Melody Boy and East Acres Golden Jubilee.

Beauty appears to be a perlino, ideal for producing buckskins! She will be AMHA/AMHR registered, and should mature approx. 32.5" tall. She is pictured at just a few days old and not completely unfolded.