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HMM BuckO High Roller

"Avalanche" is a look-alike son of our stallion from Little King Farm; Little Kings Buck O. This colt is a grandson of Boones Little Buckeroo (3x World Grand Champion) on the top side, and on the bottom side he goes back to BTU (World Grand Champion and World Grand Champion Get of Sire). Avalanche is a double dilute, so he is homozygous for the cream gene and will always produce cream dilute foals such as palominos and buckskins! He may also be carrying a dun gene from his dam. According to the height estimation chart, he should mature approx. 31". Avalanche is such a sweet, easy going little colt. People are his best friends, and he has a very calm disposition. This is a super nice colt who looks like he stepped out of a fairy tail book.

He is pictured here at just 3 days old.

Sire & Dam

Little Kings Buck O X HMM BTU Hollywood Grand